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As long as your internet is working properly, chances are you don’t think about your internet Router very often! However, your router is the crucial piece of equipment for your whole home internet connection. With IAMO Telephone’s fiber speeds starting at 150 MEG and reaching 1 GIG, you can be certain that you can have the right speed for your family or business needs! However, what if you have the speed but still have annoying buffering or S-L-O-W internet load times? Chances are your router is not functioning as it should!

The following information are tips and tricks for caring for your router:

• Reboot and Restart on a schedule – Just like a computer that lags your router can experience a similar issue. Unplugging your router from electricity and plugging back in should be your first step in trouble shooting. This allows your router to restart and refresh all software.
• Placement is KEY: Centrally locate your router. Keep in mind other electronics and obstacles (such as walls, furniture, etc.) will hinder your router from performing at top speed.
• Move the Antennas: The antennas on a router serve a very important purpose! We recommend placing one of the two antennas horizontal and the other vertical.
• Slow Speeds: Perhaps an Upgrade is in order? Check the bottom of your router and compare them to your current internet package. If the specifications do not match your internet packages, it’s time to upgrade!
• Pay attention to the Specs: Routers and computers have NIC cards that can dramatically reduce your speed. Unsure on what you? Call our internet helpdesk at 1-877-583-6711 to find out!

Does your head hurt from all of this?! Remember we can be there for you: we offer Managed Wi-Fi for all of our customers. Managed Wi-Fi will allow IAMO to worry about your router needs. Call us for details!


Security Tips: Passwords
Tips for Creating Strong Passwords:

Your Password is the key to ALL your personal information. Take great precaution when creating and using them. The following are best practices and tips for creating and using your personal passwords.

Longer Passwords are Best

Choose a password that is at least 8 characters long. Remember a longer password of 12 characters or more is harder to break.
Your password should contain at least one character from each of the following groups:

• Lower case alphabets
• Upper case alphabets
• Numbers
• Special Characters

Use a Pass Phrase

Try choosing a memorable quote, song, or phrase and use the first letter from each word. Remember to also include numbers, symbols, and substitutions for letters. For example: The Song Phrase "DoYouSeeWhatISee?" becomes d0YCwiCee?
Recommended Best Practices

• Change your passwords for all your accounts once every 6 months
• Never keep the same password for multiple sites
• Never send your password in an email
• Change your password immediately if there is any concern of the account being compromised

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